End your night on a great note.

What's Cabbioke?

Cabbioke is the NSLC's way of thanking Nova Scotians for planning ahead and getting home safely.


It works like this: Spot one of our Cabbioke vans, sing along with us and get a $10 taxi coupon to use on your next night out.


Cabbioke does not provide rides home, but we do provide awesome entertainment with enthusiastic ambassadors!


For a full list of participating cab companies, click on the "Partners" tab at the top of the page.


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Do you want one of our Cabbioke vans to attend your event? Please give a brief description of the event with all the details (time, date, venue, etc). Please note our vans do not provide rides. We provide entertainment, taxi chits and swag to make your event even more memorable while encouraging people to get home safely.